Sounds Limitless is an EDM group that combines live vocalists, instruments, & DJing. By using a variety of instruments and high energy tracks, they are pushing the boundaries of EDM. Their music and performance creates an experience like no other.

The music group Sounds Limitless was formed in 2017 by two music producers who grew up in Windsor CT. Eventually, these CT-based DJ/Producers began to cover ground in the Northeast, spinning at many of the main nightclubs in Boston (Royale, Whiskey Saigon, Icon, Cure, Candybar, & Wonderbar). Starting in early in 2017, they started the Sounds Limitless project, gathering musicians from Berklee College of Music. This high energy EDM group is booked to play in Boston, New York, and is expanding throughout the East Coast.

The only way for Sounds Limitless is up. Celebrities Are Tragic states, “there is no way that this group doesn’t blow up within the next few years. If producers can blow up by standing behind a DJ booth then Sounds Limitless’ unique way of putting together instruments along with vocals and a beat, there is no way they can be ignored.”

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